Scam Alert: How to get rid of an iphone X for $1 pop-up scam

If you are the one who comes across the annoying pop-up saying "How to get an iPhone for just $1?" whenever browsing online, then we are here to help you. Here in this article, you will learn how to get rid of such scammed pop-ups.

What is the iPhone X for $1 scam?

Internet is the place where the users come across many scams and one of them is "How to get an iPhone for just $1?". Do not fall for such offers- you will get scammed. This type of scam usually appears on unreliable or untrustworthy sites that are visited by most users unintentionally. PUAs (potentially unwanted applications) or intrusive ads may redirect the users to such websites.

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Many a time, the users unintentionally install PUAs on their devices. These applications further deliver intrusive ads that are designed to procure the personal details of the users including e-mail address, IP address, geo-locations, and other information. A statement such as "How to get an iPhone for just $1?" is just a trap. To proceed, users are asked to fill a form requiring them to enter some details such as their e-mail address, name, postal code, city, address, and mobile number. Later, this particular information is sold to any third party in return for some price so that it can misuse the information for generating revenue.

PUAs usually collect user-system information and personal or sensitive data leading to privacy issues and identity theft. These malicious ads result in a poor browsing experience and once clicked, redirect the users to untrustworthy websites, and scripts are executed that further download other malware or PUAs.

To avoid such scams it is highly recommended to uninstall all PUAs ASAP.

How to prevent the installation of PUAs?

To prevent the installation of PUAs on your device, always remember to download the software applications from official and trustworthy websites. Always use direct links. Avoid using third-party software installers or downloaders to install any software. Do check the "Custom", "Advanced" and other options seeming to be similar or settings of the installation dialogues.

Keep in the mind that internet is home to many intrusive ads like How to get an iPhone for just $1?. These ads are designed in such a way that they seem legitimate but can redirect you to unreliable websites. In case you come across such advertisements, check the list of installed extensions on the browser and immediately uninstall any unknown or suspicious entries. If you think your computer or phone is already infected with the PUAs, then you should immediately scan your device by running the antivirus which is installed in your device to automatically eliminate them.

In case you want to get rid of or prevent these types of scams from popping up on your screen, then always opt for the careless software installation. Just make sure that you do not rush through the software installation process. Instead, read through all the instructions carefully and then only click on the 'Accept' button. Also, update your antivirus regularly to fight against malicious activities.

We do hope that this quick guide on how to get an iPhone for just $1? proves helpful to all readers.