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Is It Accepted?

Does Amazon Accept Revolut?

Quick Answer

According to user experiences and discussions on the Revolut Community and Amazon Seller Forums, it is generally accepted that Amazon does accept Revolut virtual cards for purchases. While there may be some issues reported, such as blocked cards or declined transactions, many users have successfully used Revolut on Amazon. It is important for users to ensure that their virtual card is not blocked and that the payment is authorized by Amazon.


In today’s digital age, online shopping has become increasingly popular. With the convenience of purchasing products from the comfort of our own homes, it is essential to have a reliable and secure payment method. One such option that has gained popularity in recent years is Revolut.

Revolut offers users a range of financial services, including virtual cards that can be used for online transactions. However, when it comes to using Revolut on Amazon – one of the largest e-commerce platforms worldwide – many customers are left wondering if this payment method is accepted.

In this blog post, we will explore whether Amazon accepts Revolut as a valid form of payment. We’ll delve into user experiences shared on various forums and provide you with all the information you need before making your next purchase on Amazon using your trusty Revolut card.

So let’s dive right in and find out if you can use your beloved Revolut card for hassle-free shopping on Amazon!

Can you use Revolut on Amazon?

According to the information from the Revolut Community, it is indeed possible to make an Amazon purchase with a virtual Revolut card. Many users have reported successfully using their virtual cards for Amazon purchases without any issues.

One user shared their experience of blocking their virtual card after the item was sent by Amazon, which resulted in the payment being cancelled. This highlights that users should be cautious and ensure that their virtual card is not blocked during or after making a purchase on Amazon.

It’s worth noting that activating “transactions online” on your main Revolut card may not necessarily be required to use the virtual card specifically for purchasing items on Amazon. However, it’s always recommended to check and verify this setting beforehand if you encounter any difficulties while trying to complete a transaction.

In conclusion, based on community feedback and experiences shared by users who have used Revolut as a payment method at amazon.com, we can confirm that yes – Amazon does accept payments made through Virtual Cards issued by Revolut.

User experiences with Revolut on Amazon

When it comes to using Revolut as a payment method on Amazon, there have been some reported issues by users. According to information from URL2, these challenges can vary and may require certain workarounds.

Common problems and solutions

One common problem faced by users is the decline of transactions when attempting to pay for their purchases. This issue seems to occur if the virtual card has been blocked or flagged as suspicious by either Revolut or Amazon’s security systems. However, several users have shared solutions that helped them overcome this hurdle.

One suggested workaround is unblocking the virtual card before making a purchase on Amazon. By ensuring that your virtual card is not blocked at the time of transaction authorization, you increase your chances of successfully completing your purchase without any hiccups.

Another solution mentioned involves contacting customer support from both Revolut and/or Amazon in case an error occurs during checkout or if payments are declined repeatedly despite having sufficient funds available in your account balance.

It should be noted that while there may be occasional difficulties encountered when trying to use Revolut on Amazon, many other customers have reported successful transactions without any problems whatsoever. It appears that once you navigate through potential obstacles such as blocking issues and ensure proper communication between all parties involved (Revolut support team & Amazon), utilizing this payment method becomes much smoother overall.

Confirmation from Amazon Seller Forums

According to a discussion on the Revolut Community forum, it has been confirmed that you can make an Amazon purchase using a virtual Revolut card. Users have shared their experiences and shed light on the acceptability of this payment method.

Positive User Experience

One user in particular mentioned that they successfully made an Amazon purchase with a virtual Revolut card without encountering any issues. This positive experience indicates that there are no inherent restrictions preventing customers from using their virtual cards for transactions on Amazon.

Blocked Card Issue

However, another user reported experiencing a declined transaction when attempting to pay with their blocked virtual card. Fortunately, after unblocking the card, they were able to complete the transaction successfully. It is important for users to ensure that their virtual cards are not blocked before making purchases on platforms like Amazon.

Alternative Virtual Card

Additionally, one user shared how they had made multiple orders on Amazon using a different type of digital currency – specifically through a Visa-based Virtual Card provided by Revolut – without facing any problems or rejections during checkout processes.

Based on these accounts and discussions within the community forums dedicated to sellers operating via amazon.com’s platform (Amazon Seller Forums), we can conclude confidently that yes indeed; Revolute does offer acceptable methods as far as payments go at least according to those who’ve tried them out themselves!

It is worth noting though individual results may vary depending upon factors such as account status or specific circumstances surrounding each customer’s situation so always double-check your own eligibility prior proceeding further!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Can I use my physical Revolut card on Amazon?


Yes, you can use your physical Revolut card to make purchases on Amazon. As long as the card is a Visa or Mastercard and has sufficient funds available, it should be accepted by Amazon.

Question 2: Can I use a virtual Revolut card for payments on Amazon?


According to user experiences shared in the Revolut Community forum, it is possible to make an Amazon purchase using a virtual Revolut card. Users have reported successfully using their virtual cards without any issues. However, it’s important to ensure that your virtual card is not blocked and that the payment is authorized by both Revolut and Amazon.


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