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Does Costco Accept Cash?

Quick Answer

Costco accepts cash as a payment method at their U.S. warehouse locations, including their gas stations. They also accept personal and business checks from current Costco members, traveler’s checks, EBT cards, and various mobile payment options. However, it is important to note that a U.S. or Canadian billing address is required for online purchases on Costco.com, and Costco Shop Cards can be purchased at any U.S. Costco location or on their website.


Welcome to IsItAccepted.com, your go-to source for finding out whether a payment method is accepted at a certain store. In this blog post, we will be discussing the question of whether Costco accepts cash as a form of payment.

Costco is known for its wide range of products and great deals offered exclusively to members. With numerous warehouse locations across the United States and an online platform, it’s important to know what forms of payment are accepted before heading out on your shopping trip or making an online purchase.

In order to provide you with accurate information about Costco’s acceptance of cash payments, we have gathered data from various sources including official statements from Costco Customer Service website, the member privileges conditions page, and discussions on Reddit forums. Let’s dive into the details!

Note: It’s always recommended that you verify directly with Costco for any updates or changes in their accepted payment methods since policies may vary by location or over time.

Accepted Payment Methods at Costco

Costco is known for its wide range of products and great deals, but what payment methods are accepted? Here’s a comprehensive list of the accepted payment methods at Costco:

1. Visa Cards:

  • All Visa cards are accepted at Costco warehouse locations in the United States.

2. Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi:

  • This credit card is exclusively designed for use at Costco.
  • It offers cashback rewards on eligible purchases made both inside and outside of Costco warehouses.

3. PIN-based Debit/ATM Cards:

  • Most PIN-based debit or ATM cards can be used to make payments at checkout.

Accepted Payment Methods at Costco Gas Stations

At Costco gas stations, the accepted payment methods are generally the same as those at warehouse locations. However, there is one exception – MasterCard is not accepted for fuel purchases.

Costco gas stations accept a variety of payment options to provide convenience and flexibility to their customers. Here are the commonly accepted forms of payment:

  1. Visa Cards: All types of Visa cards can be used for fuel purchases at Costco gas stations.
  2. The Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi: This exclusive credit card offered by Citibank in partnership with Costco allows members to earn cashback rewards on eligible gasoline purchases made anywhere that accepts Visa.
  3. PIN-based Debit/ATM Cards: Most debit or ATM cards with a personal identification number (PIN) can be used for payments at the pump.
  4. Cash: If you prefer paying in cash, rest assured that it is an acceptable form of payment when purchasing fuel from a Costco gas station.
  5. Costco Shop Cards: These prepaid gift cards issued by Costco itself can also be utilized while making your purchase.
  6. Mobile Payment Options:
    • Apple Pay
    • Google Pay
    • Samsung Pay

It’s important to note that although MasterCard cannot be used specifically for buying gasoline at these locations, it may still be valid as a method of payment inside other areas within certain warehouses where applicable.

Please keep in mind that this information applies primarily to U.S.-based operations; international policies might differ slightly depending on local regulations and agreements between financial institutions and merchants.

For more detailed information regarding specific store policies or any updates related to acceptable forms of payments across all departments, including petrol pumps, it would always be best practice to contact your nearest local branch directly before visiting them.

Accepted Payment Methods for Online Purchases on Costco.com

When it comes to making online purchases on Costco.com, customers have several payment options available. Here are the accepted payment methods:

1. Visa Cards:

Costco accepts all types of Visa cards for online transactions. Whether you have a traditional Visa credit card or a debit card with the Visa logo, you can use it to make your purchase.

2. Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi:

If you’re a member and hold the exclusive Costco Anywhere Visa Card issued by Citi, rest assured that this card is also accepted as a form of payment when shopping online at Costco.com.

3. MasterCard:

In addition to accepting various forms of Visas, including their own co-branded Citibank version, MasterCard is another major credit card brand that is welcomed as an acceptable method of payment for your virtual cart items.

4. PIN-based Debit/ATM Cards:

For those who prefer using their PIN-based debit or ATM cards instead of credit cards while shopping online at Costco’s website will be pleased to know these types are also among the approved modes of payments during the checkout process.

5. Costco Shop Cards:

Another convenient option offered by Costco itself – The company offers its very own gift certificates called “Costco Shop Cards.” These shop cards can be used not only in-store but they are equally valid and usable when purchasing products through Costco.com too!

6. VISA:

Lastly, if none of the above-mentioned options suit the customer’s needs, VISA branded prepaid/gift cards could always come in handy.

Please note that having either a U.S. or Canadian billing address would still remain a mandatory requirement regardless of which mode one chooses from the aforementioned list.

So whether you want to use your Visa card, Costco Anywhere Visa Card, MasterCard, PIN-based Debit/ATM card, Costco Shop Card, or VISA prepaid/gift card, you have multiple options to pay for your online purchases at Costco.com.

Important Notes

When shopping at Costco, there are a few important notes to keep in mind regarding payment methods and delivery options. Here’s what you need to know:

U.S. or Canadian Billing Address Required for Deliveries within the United States:

If you’re making online purchases on Costco.com and want your items delivered within the United States, it is essential to have a U.S. or Canadian billing address associated with your payment method. This requirement ensures smooth processing of orders and accurate delivery.

Delivery Options Outside the U.S.

For customers residing outside of the United States, Costco offers various delivery options that can be explored on their website. Whether you’re located internationally or looking for international shipping services, visiting their website will provide detailed information about available choices tailored specifically for non-U.S.-based customers.

Costco Shop Cards Availability

To enhance convenience while shopping at Costco warehouses or online through their official platform (Costco.com), they offer an exclusive form of prepaid cards known as “Costco Shop Cards.” These cards can be purchased either from any physical location across all U.S.-based Costcos or directly from their official e-commerce portal – costco.com/shop-cards.html.

By obtaining these shop cards beforehand, shoppers gain flexibility when it comes time to make payments during checkout without relying solely on traditional forms such as credit/debit card transactions.

Please note that availability may vary depending upon stock levels; therefore checking local store inventory before planning a visit would ensure smoother purchasing experience if opting for this alternative mode of payment.

.com, the accepted payment methods are:

– Visa Cards
– Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi
– MasterCard
– Most PIN-based Debit/ATM Cards
– Costco Shop Cards
– Visa

Where Can I Purchase Costco Shop Cards?

Costco Shop Cards can be purchased at any U.S. Costco location or on Costco.com.


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